Director/Founder: Vesa Peltonen B.F.A. B.Ed
(main address/office) 105 Iris Cresent, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada P7A7Z
1-807-767-8126 e-mail: vesa_peltonen
Los Angeles & Florida associates.

WE'RE SEEKING SPONSORS/ PATRONS to help FUND our 3 Main Strategic Areas.

MAIN PURPOSE: (1) Send Art Supplies (not money), to impoverished Youth Art Groups worldwide that are not able to access any materials for many reasons.
We're into our 7th year & we're onward looking forward this year to document one or more of the places we have sent supplies to, and meet the young artists. It will be EXCITING!

(2) To produce a short documentary film on our progress, for promotion and interviews, and to submit the film later to Film Festivals (3). Create a 'World Youth Art for Peace' Exhibition in the future, with the artworks directors of the youth have sent us. That is their only requirement. Their director/instructor will send a progress report.

If an interested sponsor/patron; please feel free to inquire to Vesa Peltonen -founder/Art Director ~Thunder Bay, (head office) 1-807-767-8126 or e-mail: vesa_peltonen

Mission Statement: "Art has to be an integral part of community", for youth to be enlivened & thus their neighbourhood to community becomes more enriched. We have contacts growing worldwide, and haop to create more jobs & volunteering help. We have had success with youth in Africa, Nepal, S. America & of course, N. America with aboriginal youth, giving art supplies they required. The most recent place we sent art materials to was Kathmandu, Nepal, (see photo below), to an orphanage, which had really nothing more than some crumpled crayons & paper.

We're contacting up to 15 more places by end of 2012. We have had interviews, lectures & promotion via social media & advertising and wll continue to a promote to a wider audience

Celebrity ENDORSEMENT by world reknowned singer/musician, 'Marina V' : (photo below)
"Hi. This is Russian born singer/composerMarina V.I am happy to endorse the fine work that humanitarian organization 'GLOBAL ArtXchanges' is partaking. They are helping make that possible by giving impoverished youth in the world the opportunity to receive proper art supplies, to enliven and motivate them to express themselves freely through creating artwork. I hope you too will help to support this special cause by donating any amount that you are able, -Thank you kindly"

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GIVE ANY SIZE DONATION: Send check or money order to main address above
Contact Founder/Director:
Vesa Peltonen at: vesa_peltonen or call

Thank you,

Vesa Peltonen- founder-art director
Main Associates/Advisors: Jo Afton, Florida/Fawn Tran, Los Angeles: Also associates in: Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Spain, S. America, Mexico, (more being added).

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