GLOBAL ArtXchanges

Director/Founder: Mr. V. Peltonen
105 Iris Cresent, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada P7A7Z9
1-807-767-8126 e-mail: vesa_peltonen

PURPOSE: We send Art Supplies (not money), to impoverished Youth Art Groups worldwide that are not able access any for many reasons.
We are a member of 'Amnesty International', 'WaterCan' and 'Mercy Corps'.

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The MISSION is: To see that "Art becomes an integral part of community", for youth to be enlivened & thus their neighbourhood to community becomes more enriched.
We had our initial success with students in Ghana, Africa, giving art supplies they required. In return, any places we work with have only two simple criterias: to provide 2 artworks sent back (we pay for shipping) and just to keep a log of their progress. We include North America in this of course, and have provided 'art supplies' to some aboriginal communities, that had no art program. Now the most recent needy place we just sent art materials to was Kathmandu, Nepal, to an orphanage, which had really nothing more than some crumpled crayons & paper. We plan on contacting up to 20 more places by end of 2011, and in 2012 we will have a t.b.a International Youth Art Exhibition' from the artworks sent to us, from all over the world. A short documentary film is in the planning stages, to follow the progress and be used as promotion.

Celebrity ENDORSEMENT by Andrea Ramolo:
"Hi. This is Canadian musician Andrea Ramolo and I am happy to endorse the fine work that humanitarian organization 'GLOBAL ArtXchanges' is partaking. As a certified teacher of drama and dance as well as a professional creator of music, I know how important it is for many of us to learn and expr...ess ourselves through the arts. "GLOBAL ArtXchanges" is helping make that possible by giving impoverished youth in the world the opportunity to receive proper art supplies, to enliven and motivate them to express themselves freely through creating artwork. That in itself will give them confidence and enrich their community. I hope you too will help to support this special cause by donating any amount that you are able.
Thanking you in advance".


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E-mail: vesa_peltonen

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 Kathmandu orphanage gets supplies     
 ENDORSER: Andrea Ramolo